Who We Are

The International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers is the oldest labor organization in North America representing one of the oldest crafts in the world. Local 2, Michigan was formed and chartered in November of 1897.

The main goal of our Local is to provide, protect and improve the quality of life and general welfare of our members. We work diligently to represent members of our work force and signatory contractors by:

  • Workforce
  • Contractors
  • Excellent paying jobs
  • Established Payroll standards
  • Earning respect on the job
  • Qualified productive manpower
  • Providing a voice on the job
  • Industry educated workforce
  • Safe working conditions
  • Safe workers
  • Quality & generous health benefits
  • Established Health & Welfare benefit program(s)
  • Secure retirement benefits
  • Established Pension program(s)
  • Training/Apprenticeship opportunities
  • State certified & approved apprenticeship/training program
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A Brief History Of Our Local

Masonry work is demanding and it is rewarding. It builds confidence, strength and independence.

Out of the most basic elements of the earth: stone, granite, marble, sand, clay, brick and block, out of all of these we build with creativity, confidence and artisanship. We are part of a tradition as ancient as mankind’s first buildings, yet as modern as an architect’s dream. Since time began, Craftworkers have been a valuable asset, using the raw elements of the earth to shape the world in which we live. This craft has always had a unique pride associated with its work. We have a special feeling when we build something that lasts and then have the ability to show it to our children and grandchildren.

Value on Display - Every Day!

Union Trowel Trades workers have been Building Metropolitan Detroit for over 100 years. Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local # 1 of Michigan, which was established May 31, 1994, was originally four separate locals. Bricklayers Local #2 of Detroit was the oldest local union established November 11, 1897. The others local unions were established as follows: Local # 26 of Mt. Clemens and Local #29 of Pontiac in 1903 and Local #35 of Wyandotte in 1905. On May 31, 1994, the Metro Detroit locals were merged to form Bricklayers Local #1.

BAC Local #32 was established on January 24, 1924 and represented Tile, Marble, Terrazzo workers and their helpers. On August 1, 2005 Local 32 merged their 776 members into what was then BAC Trowel Trades Local #1 of Michigan.

BAC Trowel Trades, Local #2 of Michigan is a charter of The International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers. The International Union was established on October 17, 1865 and is the oldest continuously operating labor union in North America. BAC Trowel Trades Local #2, established October 1, 2013 has 3,589 members that work in its jurisdictional area which covers the entire state of Michigan. We represent workers in all facets of the trowel trades: brick and block laying, building restoration, cement, marble, plaster, refractory, stone, terrazzo, tile, and precast panel work. BAC Local #2 helps to improve the quality of life for its members –– both on and off the job –– through training, access to well-paying jobs, quality benefits and the protections of their collective bargaining agreement.

At one time, the Craftworkers skill was passed down from generation to generation, from Journeyman to Apprentice.

Now lifelong masonry craft training takes place at our training center. Through training, we insure that the skills involved in these crafts will endure and thrive for generations to come. The International Union created The International Masonry Institute (IMI) as a labor-management trust fund to promote the unionized masonry industry, apprenticeship training, research and development. Locally our Metropolitan Detroit Joint Apprenticeship Training Center teaches apprentices the crafts of bricklaying, building restoration, cement, tile, marble and terrazzo. Masonry trainees experience a three or four year program consisting of both classroom and hands-on training beginning with an initial intensive 12 week pre-job training program. This training is open to anyone who applies, then passes the aptitude test and interview. The apprenticeship program is run according to the standards set forth by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.

Local #2 members have built and restored countless buildings and probably most of the schools, churches and other buildings in your community. Collectively they work 2 million hours per year.

Their work is timeless - they are a part of something that will last beyond their lifetime!

We celebrate this Union which has been a significant part of Michigan as it Spans Three Centuries. We remember the extraordinary actions of the ordinary people who helped shape this Union in the past. They have built our communities and have made them better places to live and work. We will continue to ensure that BAC Trowel Trades Local #2 of Michigan will be a major part of the history of this state by promoting safety, education and creating significant jobs that provide a better life for our members’ families. Local #2 will protect and defend the rights and the crafts of its members now and into its third century.

Our Mission

The objectives of this Local Union are to provide for, protect and improve the general welfare of its members and the employees represented by it both directly and indirectly, by all lawful means and methods, and, more particularly but without limitation of the foregoing:

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  • To organize all persons engaged in work within its jurisdiction for their mutual benefit, aid and protection;
  • To promote or establish wages, hours and other working conditions for all such workers;
  • To promote or establish programs to meet the costs of health care, retirement, unemployment and similar needs of all such workers and their families.
  • To promote the health, wealth and safety of all such workers and their families;
  • To promote, foster and develop programs to increase employment opportunities for such workers;
  • To secure recognition by employees and the public of the right to engage in collective bargaining;
  • To promote, foster and develop apprentice programs, training programs, and other means to advance skills, efficiency, and working knowledge of its members;
  • To promote, foster and develop industrial peace and harmonious relations between employees and employers;
  • To promote, foster and develop harmonious relations with community organizations and with other organizations in the labor movement;
  • To promote, foster and develop programs which advance the social unity and efficiency of the industries employing its members;
  • To promote, foster and develop a better understanding by government of the labor movement;
  • To engage in legislative activity to promote, foster and develop the physical, economic and social welfare of its members and their families;
  • To promote, foster and develop the interests of this Local and its members as workers by such means as registration, voting, political education and citizenship activities involving its members and their families;
  • To engage in such educational and research activity as may be appropriate;
  • To engage in legal activities appropriate for the defense and advancement of the interests of the Local and its members;
  • To promote, foster and develop the trade jurisdiction of this Local and the International;
  • To fulfill and require observance of this Local's collective bargaining agreement;
  • To take such other actions as may tend to protect and promote the welfare and interest of this Local and its members.